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SKIDZ Driver Training

SKIDZ Driver Training is driven by one simple goal,
to ensure our drivers are the safest and the most confident on the road they can possibly be.

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Learn to drive with SKIDZ Driver Training, the most professional and modern driver training in East Gippsland

  • Beginner to Licence
  • Fully qualified instructors
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments
  • 1 hour lessons
  • 7 days a week
  • Manual conversions
  • Mature driver training and education
  • Overseas licence conversion
  • Dual control vehicles
  • All weather conditions


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Driver Training

SKIDZ Driver Training provides driving lessons to all drivers, of all hours and driving experience, to assist with driving and the drive test. We also assist licensed drivers wanting to refresh their road skills or driving confidence. SKIDZ vehicles are 5 Star ANCAP and we offer manual and automatic dual control vehicles. We provide flexible hours, day and night, to suit school students and working hours. Qualified, experienced and professional driving instructors will design lessons based on your competency and skill level, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Caravan Towing

SKIDZ Caravan Towing Driver Training for is for anyone wanting to refresh or gain the important skills to caravan loading, driving and towing.

road smart program

Road Smart is a road safety education and training program designed to build on the existing road knowledge, skills and behaviors of Year 10 (or equivalent) students.

Occupational Therapy

SKIDZ Occupational Therapy (OT) Driver Training provides a qualified and VicRoads registered Occupational Therapist for all your driving assessment needs and driver rehabilitation requirements.

Trailer Towing

SKIDZ Trailer Towing Driver Training for is for anyone wanting to refresh or gain the important skills to trailer loading, driving and towing.

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Driving Lessons


  • 1 hour lesson
  • SKIDZ gift vouchers available
  • We accept cash and bank deposit

Frequently asked questions

Learn to drive in East Gippsland with SKIDZ Driver Training, the most professional, modern and best value driver training in the area.

At SKIDZ Driver Training, we will go above and beyond to ensure our drivers are the safest and the most confident on the road they can possibly be.

Teaching observation and placing an emphasis on positive driver attitude, we believe, is critical to safer solo driving. As part of our lessons and training courses we will continually encourage accurate hazard identification and provide strategies to keep our drivers safer on the road. Educating drivers in choices and assisting with decision making skills is key for a lifetime of safe, confident and enjoyable driving.

We don’t teach our drivers to pass a test and nor are our driving lessons based on the VicRoads test routes. We are dedicated to providing drivers with defensive road skills and motoring knowledge which can be utilised for a lifetime of safe driving. At SKIDZ Driver Training we care about your standard of driving and safety on the road.

Our driving lessons and training courses are professional, friendly, positive and reliable. We provide drivers with honest feedback after each lesson and advise of areas for skills improvement.

SKIDZ Driver Training stays up to date on all road law amendments and seeks information from industry leaders by having professional memberships within the industry.

With SKIDZ Driver Training you can learn to drive at your own pace and we guarantee you will achieve your driving goal with us.

There is no minimum or maximum driving lessons for a person to pass their probationary drivers test unless you are under the age of 21 years of age.

If you are under the age of 21 years then you are required to complete 120 hours of supervised driving and record it in your VicRoads log book.

The number of driving lessons you need will be determined on your first driving lesson as we teach based on your skill set and driving competency.

It is completely up to you if you would like to learn in a manual or automatic vehicle.

You need to be mindful that if you obtain an automatic licence you will not be able to drive a manual vehicle until your probationary licence period has ended. If you gain a manual licence then you are able to drive both an automatic and manual vehicle immediately.

We are more than happy to assist our drivers by starting out in an automatic and then introduce manual driving once driver confidence, road law knowledge and motoring skills are established on the road.

Learning to drive a manual is a life long skill and it may be of use for work or in an emergency situation.

Based on your skill set and driving competency, we will discuss your confidence levels and establish if you prefer to drive on a quiet street or a busier road to begin with. It is critical we teach you to drive in all traffic conditions as the drive test will be conducted on quiet roads and in busy traffic.

Everyone has a different level at which they enter driving lessons, we take the time to explore this with you and we have the expertise to adjust your lessons accordingly.

All of our vehicles have dual controls for your peace of mind and safety.

We treat our drivers with the greatest of respect and our lessons are conducted in a stress free, positive and friendly environment.

We are patient driving instructors and tailor driving lessons to confidence levels and individual needs.

Our wealth of professional driving experience and knowledge allows us teach you as quick as you can learn. Our driving instructors also have vast experience and ability to assist drivers with learning difficulties, including Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

No. We understand that driving in bad weather conditions can be very daunting and unsettling however, we recommend you don’t cancel your lesson and drive in all weather conditions, day and night, so you can obtain the necessary skills and driver attitude for the future.

Our dual control vehicles allow you to have confidence so you can learn in all weather conditions and gain valuable and essential driving experience.

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather conditions so we are dedicated to ensuring all our drivers are prepared for rain, hail or shine.

Yes. If you have always wanted to know how to reverse park, or any other driving manoeuvre for that matter, but you have been too nervous to attempt it, we can absolutely assist you.

We are more than willing to teach you one or more driving techniques so that you can over come the worry and have confidence to reverse park anywhere.

There is real satisfaction in achieving a driving goal, such as reverse parking or even towing a trailer, so give us a call and we will have a chat about how we can assist to take the stress out of reverse parking.